Why I Love A Road Trip in Norway (And You Should, Too!)

October 7, 2016
road trip in no

road trip in no

Road Trip in Norway

road trip in norwayroad trip in norway
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Have you ever felt exhausted, stressed and just basically pressured by career life? Yes I have if you asked me, I think generally everyone who is building their career goals have honestly felt the same way as I have. So I went watching YouTube videos, scanning Instagram photos, reading tweets in Twitter to take some inspirations on how to escape myself of this everyday living.

Perfect solution came up to me also inspired by watching some road trip related movies for hours (it does look fun in the movies by the way) is to take a life on the road equals road trip in Norway. It is frightening and exciting at the same time but I totally assured myself it was worth it giving justifications and now I’m sharing it to you probably in a sense convincing you to plan a road trip right after you read this article.

road trip in norway
road trip in norway

1.You need to clear your head and have a new perspective!
Sometimes life can be in a routine and you find yourself redundant in what you do. Thus you need a new environment to see and feel just to clear your head. And being in an exotic location can actually do that for you. Staying outside your comfort zone of living in a posh hotel life can give you an experience to gain a new perspective in life. There could be no better place to gather all your thoughts and reflections than on the road. This road trip is for you. Get it?

2. You can be Spontaneous!
Having a plan but not too much plan if you know what I mean. An entire adventure will go and you will experience the thrill of spontaneity. You’ll never know what you’ll see out there or there is a possibility of meeting new people that you can get conversations with. We learn things as we experience them.

3. You need a new playlist!
Car rides are the best situation or excuse for you create a new playlist and enjoy it with your friends. Sing your hearts out with your favorite songs along with your friends creating a fun atmosphere along the ride. Music is everything!

road trip in norway

road trip in norwayRoad Trip in Norway

4. You need an awesome Instagram feed!
Who wouldn’t want their feed invaded with likes and comments from friends, strangers, online influencers? I got you right here. When you are in a road trip it’s the perfect way to stop by along the way find a spot to take your beautiful photos that is right to be uploaded on your instagram feed. If you have that Instagram addiction well feed your soul with ideal picture worthy locations. Mind you, all these photos I’m posting are taken from my mobile phone!

5. You need to see breathtaking views of Norway!
Even if you haven’t been to Norway just Google fjords would equate it to Norway. Norway is one of the best countries to plan your road trip just like what I did.

6. You need to perfect the art of packing!
I myself haven’t mastered this yet but this is the best moment for you to stuff on the essential items you need to bring. You will be on the road the less items you bring the easier it is to get going.

7. You are young and wild
Lastly, you are young and you need to start living your life as a youth like it should be! Be wild enough to discover new things along the way. Sleep on the car, smile to people, whatever it is that would give you happiness and that would feed your soul. You deserve it!

road trip in norway
road trip in norwayroad trip in norway

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    Amazing photos!

  • Reply Patty Lambert January 22, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    I just stumbled across your blog. Love it. I’m from the U.S. and Europe is definitely on my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading your blog.

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