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May 4, 2017

Life in progress.The most questions that I’ve been asked over the past few weeks are something like this: Where have you been lately? (Right here, buried in readings), Are you studying? (Yes with dedication studying Masters Degree in Marketing Communication in University of Santo Tomas) Are you working? (Indeed I am).

Life happens so fast. It can change in an instant once decisions have been made. I miss the good old days of blogging as often as I can thus I used my recovery time these days to edit some photos and publish a worthy blog post from the heart. These first set of photos from Sweden was taken nearby a house from Robert’s best friend. The fresh air and seafoam grass emphasize how beautiful the city is. A lot was asking me why I haven’t published as often as before in my website. Simplest answer that I could say their sister, life happened.

Student life as I may say is compelling and challenging. Not only I created connection to my intellectual understanding, but also I cultivated new friendships that I can treasure with for a long time.

Juggling various commitments in working consultancy sidelines as well as creative gigs, having a regular full time job at Float Swimwear and the last but not certainly not the least my Masters Degree which covers immediate assignments to be passed as always. That’s a lot to take in just by writing but thankfully accomplishing it step by step.

Moving on for the past few weeks all I could think about when I was sitting at work was how much sleep could I take in at night when I get home however it was a luxury for me to get 4 hour sleep last month. But this week is a lot fairer my routine is slowly getting back to its pace. Carpe Diem.

For the longest time that I couldn’t write any, this space has always been my personal and creative outlet. I write and speak whatever I have always been passionate about. The color grading for all my photos has been one of my creative obsession wherein I would spend hours on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop just to get the right color tone for each photo. And certainly it progressed in time, I hope. You decide.

Summer is currently happening but I could no longer place myself on beach worthy Instagram photos since I need to stay on top of assignments and research papers (finals coming through) without a doubt hold priority above anything else. So summer should be spent somewhere else as I say to myself.

The rise of the cacophony of Instagram stars curating different photos of their everyday lives gave me more inspiration to be more creative. When Flight Vintage began there wasn’t that much of mobile phones with increasingly good specification features that could generate DSLR worthy type of photos. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter gave the platform of editorial worthy features of photos to be served to the eyes of the millennial generation. Thus giving me the idea of why not change the name of my website to something more me as I have truly evolved in the ever changing times. Any thoughts?

Photos by Robert B.
Graphic collage art by my best classmate: Christine a.k.a Tinthehamster

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  • Reply mickey August 3, 2017 at 2:34 am

    Thanks for your travelling photoes ,I’ve seen hope and future in your photos. you are a really harding working person who work hard , read a lot and traviling ,i hope i also could travel more places like u do , and I’d like to introduce pink curtains for u .

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