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Hello I am Carissa Inez, a sweet and sanguine girl who likes to travel in style taking nostalgic dream like photos as I arrive to each of my destination. As a writer and an aspiring photographer I have penchant for creating visual journals translating moments to the digital world. I divide my time between a  9 to 6 desk job and travelling to different places. 

I am humbled and pleased that you have found your way in my website. I combine my love affair for travel, beauty and style whenever I set foot on different places with the aspiration to share content in each destination and latest obsessions. Armed with passion for travel and photography, Flight Vintage aims to inspire and publicly showcase the raw beauty of the Philippines.

As my story progresses, I continue to chase my dreams alongside creating high quality visual content that would inspire anyone’s imaginative brain. Flight Vintage is a graphical spreadsheet of fanciful musings, exuberant thoughts, and experimental style that encourages anyone to chase their dreams.

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Flight Vintages exhibits visual stories with the aspiration to share content in each destination and latest obsessions. With Flight Vintage as a creative channel for digital influence, Carissa Inez is open for projects and collaborations with a unique vision personally created via photography and digital content. Committed to documenting the happiness of life, Carissa always see to it that quality content is delivered.

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