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Eyes Like Yours

July 22, 2016 0


Be kind to yourself while blooming,
I know sometimes it feels
like your soul doesn’t fit
It’s all a part of the process

-Emery Allen
photography: Rowell Ang


La Union

June 6, 2015


Over the long weekend last month, I escaped the city of Metro Manila and had a road trip up north to Baguio then had a detour in La Union to surf. To breathe salty air and run around on the sand barefoot was what I had in mind during early mornings in beach shores. The night before we went to Flotsam and Jetsam to indulge on dinner and few drinks but then decided to come home early since I wanna wake up early morning to catch the sunrise. Nevertheless I did wake up to my alarm though my body felt the pleasure of the bed and pillows in Kahuna that I snoozed and woke up a little too late and kissed my sunrise goodbye.

Nevertheless, this photos are not a display of my surfing skill in which I am a beginner nonetheless. And for that reason I walked along the beach shores in my not so beach attire but I find it comfortable, with fabric hitting my skin as the wind blows. But who cares on what to properly wear in a beach, right?

Photos by: Robert



April 30, 2015

carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-3 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-8 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-2 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-7 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-12 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-10r carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-16 (1) carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-18 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-5r carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-6 carissa-inez-baguio-city-travel-17r

With limited amount of time before sundown to wander around Baguio City, we decided to hire a car. We managed to drive up to the mountain with a slight risk involved of a foggy atmosphere, just as we arrived grey skies turned to blue and we were rewarded with a breathtaking view. Personally, I wanted to witness mountain views, farmland and trees. Hearing local dialects spoken among vendors with a shaky translation when buying was definitely fun. Majority of the vegetable crops dotted over the farmlands in Mount Cabuyao or popularly known as Sitio La Presa. I believe we were racing through time since we wanted to go to areas from two different far end points, through luck, we have come to managed it, or the driver I may say.

See my previous adventures in Baguio here.

Photos by: Robert



July 28, 2013 0

It’s not too late to tell about my beach happenings at this time isn’t it? I don’t know why it took a while for me to upload this, but surely it doesn’t mean that I have neglected my love for the beach.

 editing done by me truly

I surely miss my times spent with my girls just laying around on the beach, not thinking of what will happen next. It’s at these rainy days that my feelings double into missing the sand and beach waves. Recommendations were done at my previous post, but those images were not enough to reflect on how much fun I had, this video serves it well. Most of the time I had the chance of capturing candid moments of my friends checking out their mobile, having selfie shots, the sunset views which I can never get tired of and hanging out with Mikey Bustos and his friends, those dancing moves which totally helped me to get to bed early coz of exhaustion. These moments will not be replicated so better yet record it while it was happening.

credits to Icona Pop- I love it for the song.



May 3, 2013 0

The good thing of having a blog, it serves as modern day diary where I could write my thoughts and dreams anytime I want. I remember when I was a kid, I use to write “Dear Diary” in my notebook everyday thinking at that time that it was necessary to write every single day. On second thought it wasn’t so bad, it made me remember those moments when I was kid. So let’s direct my story to the photo above and video below.

thailand from Carissa Inez on Vimeo.

When we arrived in Bangkok, the weather was extremely hot. On our first day we indulged ourselves with different gold sightings of temples and Buddha. I got myself busy taking photos and some short video clips amazed how Bangkok can be beautiful the second time around. 

Next day was quite tiring, we tried squeezing in as much activities we could handle.  I certainly enjoyed feeding elephants when we went to the elephant village and of course, get to ride them. Believe me elephants look so sexy when walking. 

On our last day before we flew back to our homeland, we obviously did a lot of rush shopping. Twirled and dashed our way to different stores, for a time we shopped separately. I did get lost in the middle of the shopping mall but I didn’t mind. Bangkok is a place, I would surely find my way to go back again. 



January 17, 2013 0
 Walking around Bangkok during my Thailand trip last year was just freakishly awesome. I don’t know why my Thailand diary was up first to post this week but maybe I am kind of missing the elephants and Baskin Robbins.  I can’t described how child-like my happiness was seeing elephants and getting to ride on them. Moreover feeding an elephant which would be my next post. Wearing the almost comfiest outfit I got in my suitcase which was a georgette silk polo blouse and a vintage short which I bought in Bangkok such a smart decision since the weather was pretty humid during that time. Getting lost in the city, being thought of as a Thai, watching elephants do breakdance and elephants playing football were just crazy but all in all a surreal experience. You shouldn’t miss riding the fast and whirlwind boat ride in the floating market, not much of the scenery but more of the feeling of air in the skin and flipping of hair.  If you have any questions of what to do in Thailand ask me here. 🙂



December 22, 2012

a. Lovely Lavander Flower
b.  Tree and the pale blue sky

c. Breathtaking view of the place

d. When nature is present in an urban place you gotta appreciate this one 
e. Symbios at night
        f. Finding the artist within me, trying to draw a flower

When camera is not in my hands, I take pictures with my iPhone and I publish it in my Instagram. Unfortunately 3g connection was not so available that I haven’t uploaded it on my feed however there are some lucky moments that I could connect and publish it.
 Place: Describing the place through these photos, what more can I say but it is indeed lovely and it was a reason for me to wear my rubber shoes since I was oriented that I have to walk a lot but it was worth it. I took a quick snapshot of the bird cage hanging from the tree because I remember way back when I was a kid I had a bird pet but I forgot what species. The lovely lavander flower on the right which I can’t seem to get enough of that I have to take photos with it through my phone. Yes,  I am a lover of flowers. 
Food: All food served were healthy and organic, Symbios is a place advocating healthy lifestyle, they even have a program for Detox. On the left is my favorite hot chocolate served with soya and on the right are native delicacies such as puto and cuchinta. One thing more about the place is that I have a breathtaking view of the mountain while I am eating, who wouldn’t love that. 
Bed- The place is cozy to sleep. I did actually have a good night sleep with their cozy bed and pillows. I enjoyed the cool breeze, no need for aircon and electric fan (yes, it’s true, I was even having a comforter). On the upper right photo was me feeling happy stargazing and seeing fireflies which is really not possible in the city
Man-made Lagoon- Another thing to look forward to was the man-made lagoon. Just when I saw the man-made lagoon I wanted to jump. I took a quick swim and the water was so cold and refreshing. It made my body chill but afterwards I felt relaxed.
Symbios Holistic Wellness Sanctuary located in San Mateo Rizal was a worthwile experience. And now I am back in the city living the hustle and bustle of my life but I couldn’t forget of what nature could offer in the serene place of Symbios.  
Photos by: Me, Ian Criman, and Ms. Minnie. 



December 9, 2012 0
1. Welcoming beautiful door in Calea

2. Ice Cream Cakes and Pies

3.  People and cake sightings                              
4. Intricate ceiling design and photo frame wall

5. People sighting while waiting for cakes
6. Strawberry Muffin

                                                                    7. Tempting display of  cakes and pastries 
8. Calea

9. In anticipation, wondering how delicious the cake would taste like 
10. A closer look at the photos displayed on the wall.

            11. White Chocolate  Cheesecake and Coffee Fudge Cake 

12. The Strawberry Muffin which ended up as a take out. 
      13. Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate, Coffee Fudge, and White Chocolate Cheesecake
14. White Christmas decorations 

Photos by: Meng Amihan and Me

Overwhelmed how beautiful the pastry shop was decorated during the Christmas season, just I have to take snapshots of the place. Almost 9:00 P.M. when we arrived at Calea, still, there are a lot of people chatting over a slice of cake. We even saw the members of the Side A Band entering the pastry shop and had a slice of yummy cakes. These photos could describe how happy I was having a taste of delight at Calea. I can’t choose over the array display of cakes inside that tempting glass chiller but I ended up having the White Chocolate cheesecake which according to them was the best seller and most loved by the customers. Calea is located in Bacolod City, the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental. They say a Bacolod trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Calea. So there I was fascinated on how delicious the cakes that Calea had to offer that I have to post this first of my Bacolod photo diary. One word for their cakes: Succulent.